GoPro Macro Lens Hero3+

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  • Provides 3.8X magnification for close-up shots
  • Allows GoPro to focus from 3 to 12 inches away
  • Glass lens for sharp optics and maximum scratch resistance 
  • Snap-on design for quick installation/removal 

​How to tell which GoPro housing you have: 

GoPro Macro Lens Hero3+
GoPro Macro Lens Hero3+
GoPro Macro Lens Hero3+

Product Information


A Macro Lens is an excellent tool for capturing detailed close up shots with your GoPro.  The glass lens provides superior optics and lasting durability against scratches.  By reducing the camera’s focal point, the Macro Lens will bring subjects into focus between 3-12 inches away from the lens, where the GoPro does not focus. This offers a creative edge for your GoPro videos by providing a unique perspective.  Use the macro lens to capture crisp close ups of the small details that compliment your adventure.  With its 3.8x magnification, the lens allows you to shift the focal field of the GoPro from 12 inches-infinity to 3-12 inches.  The lens attaches to the front of your cameras housing with its simple snap-on design.  Durable construction holds the lens firmly in place while filming.

  • Ultra-durable construction 
  • 180 day warranty against manufacture defects
What's In The Box
  • Macro Lens
  • Micrfiber storage bag
  • Tether 

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