Neutral Density-GoPro Hero3+

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  • Slows Down Shutter Speed 
  • Illustrates High-Speed Blur Motion Movement
  • Perfect for illustrating speed
  • Snap-On design for quick Install/removal 
  • Glass lens for pristine Optics and Scratch resistance 

Neutral Density-GoPro Hero3+
Neutral Density-GoPro Hero3+

Product Information


A neutral density filter slows down the camera shutter speed enabling you to capture the smoothest video possible in high-speed situations.  A neutral density filter has the capability of creating a motion blur, providing the appearance of high-speed movement.  Popular uses for capturing motion blur include waterfalls, motorsports, and aerial photography (Prop-Blur).  The Neutral Density is extremely effective in reducing what is known as the “jello effect”, or shaky video caused by extreme vibrations when filming form a vehicle or quadcopter.  No matter where you use it, the Neutral Density filter will help you capture the smoothest video possible.  The lens attaches to the front of your cameras underwater housing with its simple snap on/off design.  Durable construction holds the lens firmly in place while filming.

  • Extremely Durable Construction 
What's In The Box

Neutral Density Filter, Tether, Storage Bag


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