Promic-GoPro Microphone Kit

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  • Increases GoPro Sound levels and quality 
  • Right angle gopro microphone adaptor included
  • Perfect for Motorsports, Concerts, and Narration
  • Removable foam windscreen for high speed use
Promic-GoPro Microphone Kit
Promic-GoPro Microphone Kit Promic-GoPro Microphone Kit

Product Information


The Promic is the perfect addition for increasing your GoPro’s audio performance. This GoPro microphone allows you to capture increased audio levels as well as higher definition sound. The Promic’s rugged design ensures durability and offers a sleek low profile look.

As professional cinematographers know, an internal microphone will never reach the capabilities of an external microphone. External microphones will always outperform internal mics in capturing crisp audio at high sound levels. The ProMic achieves just that. By capturing higher sound levels and recording high definition audio, your GoPro® videos have never sounded better. The ProMic includes a fixed right angle adapter, unlike anything else on the market, allowing you to keep the microphone stable and close to the camera for a sleek look. A removable foam windscreen is included that securely slides on when you need it in windy conditions.

  • Increases Sound Level and Quality
  • Custom Right-Angle Adapter for Hero3/3+
  • Direct plug into Hero2
  • Includes Removable Foam Windscreen
  • Microphone powered by GoPro (no batteries required)
What's In The Box

Microphone, GoPro Adaptor (hero3/3+), Foam Windscreen


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Installation: Direct Plug In